Stories and Novels

Short Stories

Title: For Davey
Genre: Dark Fiction
Summary: There's no doubt in Jared's mind that he's going to kill Mr. Summer. He deserves to die. What Mr. Summer is about to find out, as did the other three victims of Jared Duvually's payback before him, is that there is something far more dangerous than revenge: patience.
Status:Revising / 2nd draft appearing on Wattpad

Title: The Death Bump
Genre: Dark Fiction
Summary: After deciding against ending his own life, Justin discovers that his sister is having dreams that are eerily similar to her real life with one exception: In her dreams, Justin is dead.
Status: Published in Allegory eZine's 2012 spring/summer issue. Can be downloaded for free at SmashWords and Barnes and Noble. Also appearing in full on Wattpad

Title: A Taste
Genre: Dark Fiction
Summary: Wally is trying to coax his wife from the bathroom, a place that has been her sanctuary since she caught their neighbor, Arthur, peering in through the kitchen window. At first Wally labels Arthur as harmless, but no one, especially Wally, understands how far Arthur will go to get a taste of the life that he and his wife love so much.
Status:  Appearing in 'Under The Bed' Magazine's December 2013 Issue. Also appearing in full on Wattpad


Title: Walk a Web of Spiders (working title)
Genre: Suspense
Summary: Imagine a text message that has the power to rip away everything you hold dear. Imagine the guilt of knowing that if you didn't respond, you and your family's lives wouldn't have changed for the worse.

That's exactly what happens when twelve-year-old Kadyn answers such a message. Despite the newly fabricated identity meant to keep her safe, she discovers that once you step foot onto the predator's web, no matter how delicately, not only can they sense you... they will come hunting.
Status: Editing / 2nd draft appearing on Wattpad