Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello again!

I know I haven't been adding to the blog in recent weeks, but it is for good reason. I'm currently clawing through the weeds of a chapter in my novel and have been for nearly two months! I'm finding that some chapters write themselves while this one...are beyond stubborn.

At least I know where the problem lies. This chapter is pretty important in setting up the rest of the story. So there are a lot of pieces that need to fit. The interesting thing is that I already have the novel completed from the main character's POV. So, you wouldn't think this chapter would be too hard to write. Surprise, surprise.

This one is from a secondary character's POV. It's when he meets "the red haired girl" and tries to get information from her that could help unravel some mysteries that have been plaguing him.

Another problem is that this chapter has to tie together a lot of elements in a subtle way. The problems I keep battling are:

  • How much information is too much information? 
  • How can I portray the information without sounding like that's what I'm trying to do (make it entertaining instead of just spoon feeding it to the reader)? 
  • What is best left to the mind of the reader...should I give them just enough to get their minds churning and have them come up with their own theories?

Anyhow, I guess the important thing is that I am still having a blast writing it. I think I finally got the ideas of this chapter nailed down, and with any luck I will finish it up this weekend. The extra day off on Monday will give me a bit more time.

Until next time --