Sunday, January 27, 2013

Splendors of Writing

To all the writers out there, from my mind and through my keyboard comes a question aimed at your eyes: Why do you write? Do you feel it a duty to bless the world with your stories? Do you have something to get off your chest? Perhaps you feel that you can add your own paint to something that is so routine and normal that its original color has worn away. Maybe writing serves as an outlet for your creative genius. How about 'all of the above'?

So what's my answer? Should I answer with 'all of the above' and be done with it? That'd be too easy, and I'm far too long-winded.

The fact is that writing doesn't make any money for me and actually takes a good portion of the little spare time I have. So why do it? Yes, it is an outlet. Yes, I like to tell stories. Mostly, however, I do it because I find it amazing that words, when put together in that perfect sequence, are capable of pulling the reader into my splendid world that was born from nowhere else but my own mind. With a little effort, our dear reader is breathing the same air as my heroes, my villains and any other creatures/characters that didn't dare to exist before I came along.

Watching my characters come alive is another reason that I love to write. I simply give them a name, a face and a little dash of persuasion. After that, I stand back and wait for them to surprise me, and I am rarely let down. Try as I may to contain them in an outline, they find a way to bend and stretch it into one that better fits them. 

So again I ask, why do you do it? What are your most cherished reasons for writing?

Thanks for reading!

-- Tim

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