Monday, June 18, 2012

Burning with Impatience

 For reasons I can't explain, I've become obsessed with my lawn this season. My family and I have lived in this house for five years now, and all of a sudden, the state of our yard bothers me. During our first Spring here, I sprinkled around some grass seed just to get our yard out of the mud-pit category. Some grass grew, but mostly weeds took residence. With each progressing year, the weeds seemed to flourish more and more. I honestly didn't mind because green was better than brown, no matter what the greens were comprised of. The weeds were granted sanctuary. 

This year, it all changed. I did research, bought a spreader and weed killer / fertilizer, and before I knew it I was bumbling through my yard with my spreader, casting granules far and wide. Not very used to that sort of thing, I overdid it. There were so many weeds that I figured a little extra "weed and feed" couldn't hurt, and more than likely it would hurl my yard's status into "best on the block" territory at record pace. 

Alas, the weeds checked out, but a lot of grass did as well. While I'm no longer plagued by weeds, I'm plagued by plenty of burned spots instead. I refuse to be perturbed. I will nurse my lawn from out of the critical state it's in. Until it regains the lively green it once held, I will continue to water it and keep tucked in my mind the adage that perfection cannot be rushed. If another reminder is needed this summer, I have no further to look than out of my living room window.

In the same vein, I'm not as far in my novel, The Sorcerer's Paragon, as I would like to be. I'm very excited to get into the editing phase and can't wait to see it come alive as I read it "cover to cover". The difference with my writing is that I've accepted the fact that there isn't enough time in the day to get as far as I'd like as quickly as I'd like. I've learned not to rush. If I push, the story pushes back, and I get nowhere. My creativity and excitement start to wither. When I take my time and let things happen, they flourish. If my brain could apply the same logic to my lawn skills, my grass might make it out alive.

I have probably another four or five chapters to go of the secondary character's point of view. The story from the main character's point of view has been completed, at least from a first-draft standpoint. I'll just keep to my schedule and write when I can.

I think that once I'm done with the first draft and spend some time editing, I'll either post snippets or make them available to anyone who'd like to give them a read. Would anyone be interested?  Maybe Google+ circles would be a way to go: I can share stuff to anyone who wants it by putting those people in a circle.

In other news, I'm in the middle of researching for my other story, the one currently titled "The First Race" though I'm pretty confident that the name will change at some point. Once I get the story outlined, I'll post the summary and maybe get some of the ideas on Google+ as well for folks to read.

Thanks for reading!

-- Tim

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  1. I think you could even make the book a google doc and share it with a circle. Good thinking